Kill Team League

So... Kill Team League is upon us. I've been saying I would post the league rules as we got closer. We can't get much closer than this weekend. So... without further ado...

League day meetups will occur every other Sunday at 1300. The league will last for approximately three months. With space being limited in The Exchange, Sundays typically have low foot traffic, making tables a bit more optimal. Tables must be placed along the Friction Games side of the hallway, as well as the left hand side of the emergency exit hallway using the smaller tables. Saturdays are typically busy for other “sanctioned events,” so it gives us a bit a wiggle room without competing for our own space as well.

Games can be played any time, during regular business hours, before the next league day.

Points will be the 100 point standard as outlined by the Kill Team Core Rulebook. Lists must be present during play on the official Kill Team Command Roster. A copy of this roster can be found at…/Kill-Team-Blank-Roster-Datacar…

An optional list of up to 200 points can be used for use with the Commanders and Elites supplements. Players that want to use Commanders or Elites will have two lists, one for 100 points, and one up to 200 points. If any player decides that they don’t want to use commanders or elites in their match, both players will default to the standard 100 point list. All other material printed for Kill Team will be approved for use, such as the monthly White Dwarf that feature any Kill Team rules. Those using the White Dwarf issues must have them present at the time of playing for reference.

Missions will be randomly chosen via the 2D6 table in the Kill Team Core Rulebook (pp. 203) for every match played. Those using the Commanders or Elites supplements will roll on the appropriate tables for those rules supplements respectively.

Games will be recorded on a Google Sheets document. This document will include a roster of opponents, plus the results for all matches played. This document will be shared with everyone participating in the league for quick reference. Friction Games staff can edit, but players can leave comments (in case something didn’t get recorded, got recorded incorrectly, etc.). This document can be found here:

Matches will be ladder style, based on the rules for Ladder Campaigns in the Chapter Approved: 2017 Edition pp. 114-115. We’ll provide a copy of those rules, if needed.

There will be need to track Resources for this league. As long as victory conditions are met, it will count as a win or a loss (rare circumstances will give a tie). Points will be updated Saturday evening before the next league day. Points will be tracked as follows:

Position One – 5 Points
Position Two – 4 Points
Position Three – 3 Points
Position Four – 2 Points
All other positions will earn one point through the duration of the league.

If you fail to play any games before the next league day, you will be positioned to the bottom of the ladder, participants will shift accordingly and then points tallied.

If a multiplayer game is desired, a miniature “sub-bracket” system will be used. Player ranks will be sequential as is on the main ladder, positions will be adjusted, based on order of elimination. The first person out will take the spot of the lowest ranking participant on the main ladder. This will repeat until the sub-bracket is finished.

These rules are subject to change based on play-testing and community feedback.

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